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Open Position:
Junior Marketing Associate - Marketing. Public Relations & Communication

Junior Marketing Associate
We are seeking a Junior Marketing Associate for a premier firm providing marketing, advertising and consulting services to large corporations on local and national levels. This position would work closely with Marketing Specialists to identify and develop new streams of revenue for the assigned campaign through UNIQUE advertising strategies including sales, promotions, and innovative marketing solutions. The Junior Marketing Associate would create and execute these campaigns and convey the promotions to each respective target market within a dynamic team environment. This is a career opportunity that pays monthly. We are looking for both entry level marketing associate as well as experienced sales account managers that are motivated by account growth and management opportunities. We are hiring for part-time or full-time positions.

Major Responsibility Areas

Implementation of marketing plans, including product positioning, campaign strategies, and market strategy insights.
Discovery of strategic business opportunities through cross function collaboration with sales, HR, etc.
Marketing opportunity for revenue
Provide product/service support in order to establish proper channels of information and communication.
Responsible for branding, advertising,company events and promotional collateral
Work with management on projects dealing with media relations, business communications, success stories

Job Requirements

We are eager to hear from you if you fit the following description:
No experience is necessary but professionalism and integrity are a must!
Ambition, strong work ethic, and open to new ideas
Are sports minded and have a do what it takes mentality
A positive and winning attitude
Strong interpersonal skills
Desire an opportunity for management
Desire to start a new opportunity in the marketing and sales department
Excellent communication skills
Leadership experience
Ability to work in a high energy environment
Be a self starter with problem solving skills
Be a career oriented individual searching for rapid growth

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2016 Intern - Product Marketing Associate

Job Summary: Candidate will learn and apply expertise on DSK Aerospace Services unique selling proposition, market perception, and competitive positioning. Candidate will interface with customers, marketing leadership, and other key roles as the primary product liaison for the Marketing organization.

Education: Pursing a Bachelors or Masters Degree in
Business Administration, Marketing, Communications, and Aviation

Job Requirements

Builds and maintains constructive relationships
Action oriented and seizes opportunities
Strong sense of accountability and integrity
Sees the big picture and is future oriented
Effectively utilizes time and organizes priorities well

Job: Marketing
Title: 2016 Intern - Product Marketing Associate
Location: Multiple locations (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi)
Salary Details: Unpaid Internship
Requisition ID: DSK0954AE
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