Aircraft Materials and Components Supplying

DSK Aerospace Engineering India is a an Indian company providing replacement parts, spare parts for all type of aircraft Along with Airspace components, CNC machining components, turbine blades, aircraft components, precision components, press tools, plastic molds and die casting dies.

Reverse Engineering

It is the process of taking a finished product and reconstructing design data in a format from which new parts or molds can be produced. We at DSK Aerospace Engineering India and Consulting can provide best reverse engineering services and produce new CAD geometry of the product that can be physically measured using traditional hand tools, non-contact inspection equipment and coordinate measuring machine. In this method we identify the part, curing it and take scans at each of the milled depths to produce internal and external point cloud geometry. Our customers can avail these Reverse Engineering Services at reasonable price.

Tool Development Services

DSK Aerospace Engineering and Consulting India have experienced tool designers to Design & develop tools for Plastic components, Sheet metal components & aluminum cast parts. GSM develops new concepts in tooling to simplify manufacturing. DSK provide services in tool development are:

* Manufacturing of Press Tools
* Forming Tool Manufacturing
* Plastic Mould Manufacturing
* Die Casting Die Manufacturing
* Jigs & Fixtures Manufacturing

Aircraft Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Aircraft Components Assembly

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